poko-chan’s unseen face (broadway art encounter)

the title of this drawing is “poko de ippai”, which is japanese for “full of poko”. maybe you don’t know if you don’t usually read this blog, but poko is my nickname for my unborn baby. i named it “poko-chan” (as if it was a name, Poko) because it was making “poko-poko” bubbling movements inside of me when i first felt it moving. now i’m in my 39th week of pregnancy and i can’t think of anything else but poko-chan. my head is full of many many poko-chans. but i don’t know what poko-chan’s face looks like, so i can’t draw the details of it yet.

i went to see my obstetrician yesterday. she said that my cervix is mostly effaced and dilated 1 to 2 cm. my baby is very low, she could feel the head. i’ve been experiencing some braxton hicks contractions. for some of them, my lower back feels really heavy and dull pain like menstrual cramps and my belly gets hard like a rock. they last for about 20 minutes each. it looks like my body is getting ready for labour. poko-chan, hang in there! let mama finish moving before you come into the world…

i’m taking part in broadway art encounter again this year, starting tomorrow. i’ll be showing this drawing as well as this and this at al’s broadway shoe repair shop. i showed my works at his shop last year as well. he kindly offered to have me show at his shop again.

broadway art encounter is an event where shops on broadway avenue generously open their shops as galleries. there is expected to be a bigger crowd than usual this year because the university of saskatchewan is hosting the 2007 congress of the humanities and social sciences this week. i hope you can come out and see the exhibits! i’m going to be walking around saturday afternoon, as long as i’m not in labor.

Broadway Art Encounter
June 1 ~ 2 (Fri & Sat)

Al’s Broadway Shoe Repair
638 Broadway Avenue,

Author: yuka

can you see this?

7 thoughts on “poko-chan’s unseen face (broadway art encounter)”

  1. Wow Yuka – you are SO close! How exciting. I can’t wait to see pics of poko-chan. I’ve been feeling a little poko poko lately. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I’ll be giving birth in Japan. We can compare experiences later!!!

  2. I know the feeling. I am 22 weeks and I’ve been dreaming about my baby alot lately. It’s a boy and I just long to hold him. I may also give birth in Japan but it really depends we travel alot. Lol. I’m due October 2nd. ^-^ Hang in there! Wonderful work, I love your art!

  3. Wow, the labor can start anytime soon! I hope poko-chan will come out without problem and quickly! Dan is now in his obstetric rotation and he talks about it, so I can kind of imagine your labor. It must be a memorable moment when you see poko-chan for the first time! I can’t wait to see poko-chan either! Hontouni Gambatte-ne!!!

  4. Move as quickly as you can! But don’t worry about arranging the furniture precisely. It does sound like something utterly wonderful will happen this week.

  5. kat:
    congratulations on your pregnancy! must be exciting to feel the movement.
    good luck!

    congratulations on your pregnancy!

    >I just long to hold him
    i know how you feel :)

    mayu chan:
    sou, chotto doki-doki
    ganbaru ne :)

    paul and i are soooo glad to finish moving! furniture are in random places at the moment, but at least they are under the roof :)

    hello + nice to meet you.
    thanks for finding my drawings :)

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