it’s a boy!

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poko-chan is born!

paul and i are happy to announce our first-born son, elijah takumi.

he was born at 11:49am on friday, june 8th.

birth weight was 3320 grams (7 lbs 2 oz). he was 50 cm long (about 20″).

we are both healthy and doing well.

it’s already been 10 days since he was born. i’ve lost track of time. i can’t stop looking at him. i’m in euphoria.

i’ll write more about the birth and the baby in the next few days.

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  1. Ayako’s avatar

    Hi, Yuka-san!!!

    Congratulations on your new born baby!!! Oh, my God, He is so precious and cute!
    I can’t wait to see you guys in Saskatoon.
    I am leaving Toronto next Tuesday. I hope that I can see you while I am in Saskatoon.
    As my sister said, the first months are pretty tough (You won’t get enough sleep and so on), so please take care of yourself!

    See you soon. OMEDETO~☆

  2. rafaela’s avatar

    Oh my, Yuka!!!!


    I’m so happy for all of you!

  3. jackson’s avatar


  4. Ku’s avatar

    YAY! I said congrats on your flickr but he is so beautiful and tiny, amazing! I cannot wait to greet my son. This put a big smile on my face, take care. :D

  5. Mayu’s avatar

    Wow, Elijah-kun looks already different from other pictures that I got! I understand why you can’t stop looking at him. I can’t wait to see you all in August.
    Keep posting a lot of pictures please!!!

  6. Brendan’s avatar

    That’s great. His hands look strong!

  7. kat’s avatar

    Congrats Yuka and Paul!!! He’s gorgeous. Am so glad you are all safe and well and euphoric. Can’t wait to hear about the birth!!!

  8. waiwai’s avatar

    Congats Yuka :”> Elijah has definitely got your eyes (not sure about Paul as I have never seen his photo). He is really a handsome little boy!!! Well done!!!!

  9. Selfpartwo’s avatar

    Your best work yet!!

    Cute kid. Elijah is a great name too.

    When does he start drawing?

  10. Murr’s avatar

    Beautiful! Wonderful! New person for the world.

  11. Chester’s avatar

    Congratulations! I am glad for you!!

    Your new family member is so cute!!! Hope he is healthy and fast-growing. ^o^

    And don’t forget to take care yourself !!!!

  12. Michelle’s avatar

    your boy is so cute ! I believe that he will become the one who is the most inportant in your life in the every following day!

  13. もぽ’s avatar


  14. amy’s avatar

    congratulations, yuka! although we don’t know you (i’m a friend of sadiqa’s) my husband and i have been anxiously awaiting the birth of poko-chan, now elijah. what a beautiful wonderful baby! we love thinking of the three of you in euphoria with each other.

  15. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    i’m sorry for the late reply and thank you for your kind comments.
    elijah is so happy to hear from all of you!

    ayako san:
    yeah, i heard that the first month with a newborn baby is tough, but so far things are going smoothly and lovingly :)

    thank you, rafaela :)
    it is a human!! :D

    thank you!!

    thank you!!
    you put a big smile on our faces too :)

    mayu chan:
    kawaii yone~ (nanchatte) elijah will be much taller like 183cm when you guys come to saskatoon in august :D

    thank you!
    he’s got his daddy’s hands, i think – the pianist fingers.

    thank you!
    i’ll post the labor story as soon as i can. i wrote part one so far…
    enjoy your baby’s kick!

    thank you!
    i think elijah has asian’s almond-shaped eyes, too :) other parts seem like his dad’s features – especially his skeptical facial expressions :D

    thank you!

    it took us a loooong time to decide the name, actually. glad you like it :)
    i think he’s going to do some drawings tomorrow :D

    thank you!
    elijah is blushing :D

    thank you!
    he’s gulping down milk like a wild wolf.

    thank you!
    i think so too. we just love him so badly :D

    arigatou gozaimasu.
    we are doing really well :)

    thank you!

    oh~ sadiqa’s friend! thanks for following my blog – sweet :)
    elijah is now two weeks old and he’s more aware of us, i think. he loves cuddling with us :)

  16. char’s avatar

    omedetou! sorry i am a bit late. chooooooooooooooooo kawaii~~~! \(^o^)/

  17. ksklein’s avatar

    Congrats to elijah takumi! Glad both of you are well.

  18. suredo’s avatar


    Sugoi – I am so happy for you. My own baby boy was born a year ago… I can tell that you are going to savour your time together, so I need not send you that advice. I am always glad when someone mindful and creative becomes a parent – it’s so good for the baby and for the world.

    Take good care…

  19. xiaobaosg’s avatar

    Congrates to you~! :D

  20. thalia’s avatar

    oh, yuka! congratulations! he’s so cute! sorry for being a little late. i had mine 8 days after elijah was born :)

  21. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    thank you so much :)

    thank you so much :)

    thank you so much :)
    i think i’ve learned what happiness means.

    thank you so much :)

    thank you so much :)

    congrats to you!! i love your baby’s name – very pretty :)
    enjoy the sweet moments.

  22. Lap Lee’s avatar

    Hi, Yuka.

    I’m Lap from HongKong,
    i’ve got the chance of knowing you & your work
    by reading a local magazine published here in my city.

    I love your works so much, they’re so cute.
    and we love your work, my friends, many of them.

    Congrats to your new born baby,
    may good health & neverending happiness be always with him.
    and looking forward to more of your nice works.


  23. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    hello lap,

    sorry for the late reply. thank you so much for your comment and encouragement :)

    elijah is growing and changing everyday. he has started to make some sound recently.

  24. Master Sara’s avatar

    wow congratulations! He is beautiful and has the sweetest face!=) very lucky.
    keep up the awesome artwork too.

  25. yukayamaguchi’s avatar

    hello master sara,

    thank you :)
    i discovered that a sling works perfectly when i do some drawing – i can put elijah in the sling and i can draw as i sneak a peek at elijah’s sleeping face :)


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