Imagining Ourselves exhibit featuring my drawings

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my drawings are currently being featured on Imagining Ourselves: a global generation of women, an online exhibit of the International Museum of Women. the Imagining Ourselves exhibit is a global, multilingual online exhibit that features art, photographs, essays and film by young women in their twenties and thirties. their current theme is “image and identity”.

i was contacted by one of the editorial team back in april and asked to submit my work to this exhibition. she came across my drawings on the kyoto journal’s website.

luckily, my drawings were accepted for this exhibit. i was asked to answer the questions that they sent me. it was nice they wanted to hear more about my personal story rather than typical dry art speak. they put together a “conversation” from me using my answers and things i’ve written on my blog.

here’s my story:

I find my body parts to be superficial. My eyes are so selfish that they only see things they want to see. My mouth chooses to say what others want to hear.

My brain only remembers good scenes from my life. Soon, my hands and legs will give up on me, detach themselves and fly away to become separate creatures. My skin only serves to cover up all the things that make me. I wish I could rip my skin apart to see what’s inside of me.

I’m self taught and I don’t like to think about art theory or art history, so I’m glad I never went to art school. I like art that makes me want to touch it and get inside its world. I draw whatever images appear in mind as I go through daily life. I like to think I manage to show the cute and the grotesque with a sense of humor.

In ‘all I can see’ a boy is having breasts sewn over his eyes and he’s happy about it. He is being made more feminine, through an addition, not a subtraction. I drew ‘New Heartbeat’ after I found out that I was pregnant and saw my baby’s heart beating on the the ultrasound and heard his heart beat for the first time.

I always enjoyed drawing, but I never thought that I would show my work in public. It was just something that I did for myself. I would allow my friends to see my drawings, but even that made me nervous. When I finally mustered enough courage to show my work, the reaction was unbelievably positive: People were looking directly into my eyes and saying “This is amazing.”

Though I live in the middle of the Canadian prairie, far away from everything, through my blog, I can show people around the world what is living inside my mind – my unvocalized, uncensored thoughts and drawings. Now others can explore my personal world see what is inside my mind, my eye and my hand. They can see what I’m thinking even when I can’t find the words to explain myself. And they can see all of this sitting at their own desks in their own homes, as opposed to a gallery with a label on it that says “Art.”

I want my drawings and my ideas to become part of people’s everyday lives. I want to communicate even when I don’t know what to say with words.

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