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this is my first try drawing while carrying elijah in a hotsling.

elijah likes to be held a lot and i like to hold him a lot. having a sling has come in handy. hotsling is a baby carrier made of stretchy cotton. it’s basically a tube folded into half to make a pouch.  you rest one edge of the tube on one shoulder and the other edge should be down under the breast opposite from the other shoulder.

i put elijah in the pouch and yay! my hands are free. i still use my left hand to support him and pet him, but my right hand is free. now i’m ready to draw. i sit at an angle to the table (i still draw on our old kitchen table) so elijah won’t bump into it. it’s an awkward position, but i’m going to get used to it.

i must say that i enjoy drawing as i watch him sleeping and feel his warmth.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

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  1. That has to be so comforting and relaxing for the both of you. I really want one of those too. Hands free is the way to be. Whimsical and wonderful as always.:)

  2. yeah, this hotsling is amazing. before i purchased this, i bought another sling called “cuddly wrap”. it didn’t work for me at all. it’s a 5m long cloth that you’re supposed to wrap yourself around to make a pouch. i’m only 1.52m tall. the cloth is too long for me to handle…

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