first month with deadpan elijah

(day 23)

is this really the same person? elijah gained nearly 2 kilograms and grew 10 cm in his first month. now he looks like one of those cute, fat babies that you see on chinese propaganda posters. oh, sorry — i should say “full figured” babies.

paul and i spent the first three weeks after the birth at home with elijah — what a precious time that was. we didn’t need to care what time it was or what day it was. we just followed what elijah needed. we were awake many times every night and sleeping a lot during the day.

paul had one week of papa leave, and took another couple of weeks of holiday, so we were all together every single day. not only did paul and i get to know elijah, we also got to see each other’s papa and mama sides. it was romantic and sexy.

(day 2)

i have been spending most of my time nursing elijah. he seems to prefer only breast milk. i asked if he would like some a side dish with it, or maybe some fruit. he said “thank you, madam. but i only take it straight. no sugar, no spices.”

after he finishes drinking milk, elijah just lets his limbs go completely numb and floppy. it’s adorable. he looks like the drunken businessman you can see in the local train stations in japan early in the morning (even though my breast milk doesn’t contain any alcohol). i can’t help but hold him tight.

(day 5)

i didn’t know much about newborn babies until i had elijah. it turns out, they are deadpan comedians. whatever they do, they somehow manage to do it without laughing. right from the first moment, elijah had a serious, thoughtful look on his face most of the time. i can’t help laughing a little when he looks so worried or skeptical. especially when he farts right afterwards. he always has this innocent, confused facial expression saying, “what~? did i just do that~?”. he’s my kind of guy.

(day 3)

poo-poo and pee-pee have never been so exciting to me. i’m just amazed by the quality and amount of it. one time, elijah started to pee while i was changing his diaper. it shot up so clear and pretty, like a fountain of water in paris. i was thinking “wow, that’s high quality pee-pee” even as it was splashing on me.

another time, i was wiping his bum because he did a big poo-poo in his diaper. i guess i was too cautious about cleaning – making sure i carry out my “no poo-poo left behind” policy. i didn’t know about elijah’s “some poo-poo kept in reserve” policy. he shot his rest of poo-poo right at me. i was hoping i wouldn’t be his first target. in this case, i was not able to appreciate the aesthetics of the situation.

(day 7)

so far, elijah’s hobbies are:

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • crying
  • peeing
  • pooing
  • looking skeptical
  • supervising my activities

elijah, you are acting like a big baby!

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Author: yuka

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  1. what great little stories! i think i like your blog so much because i think i like you so much, even though we’ve never met. thanks.

  2. yuka! I guess you are deep in love with your little boy by now…even I am :”> Ah, can i use the day-3 photo of Elijah as my wallpaper? It’s only a personal computer at home…I’m in the midst of morning sickness and the photo reminds me what I am going through will worth it while 7 months later!!!

  3. sure!

    >I’m in the midst of morning sickness
    oh~ i feel for you. it’s really hard, isn’t it…
    hang in there! it might be hard to believe right now, but “all-you-can-eat” paradise is waiting for you!

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