high-oku milk :: art recipe final

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in japan, we call premium gas “high oku”, short for of “high octane”.

after i finally got my driver’s license this year, i discovered that cars don’t run by themselves – they drink gas. i’d never filled the tank before. when i was learning how to drive, paul showed me how to fill up the gas tank. i thought i got it.

the other day, our car’s tank was almost empty. so i stopped at the gas station. unfortunately, their pump was a different style than the one paul taught me how to use. i was scared i might do something wrong and blow up the entire gas station. i decided to ask someone.

i found a mother with her son just getting out of her car to fill the tank. she seemed nice. i was totally embarrassed to ask how to use the gas pump. so i pretended that i was a newcomer from japan — even though i’ve been living here for eight years…

sorry, canadians.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “high-oku milk :: art recipe final”

  1. char:
    ahaha :D good idea. have you watched this video? it’s very funny.


    true :) i could be a trouble maker anywhere i go :D i’m just so relieved that i didn’t blow up the gas station. luckily i didn’t get deported.


    yes, yamaguchi is very common last name. there is a very famous mafia group called yamaguchi in japan. this was my joke to canadians when i first came to canada. i told them i’m a member of the group. some people believed me. why?

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