September 2007

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elijah is experimenting to see he can put two toys into his mouth at the same time.


into his tiny mouth…


mr. cho-cho (“mr. butterfly” in japanese) above is refusing to surrender.


maybe another time… don’t give up, elijah!

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i lived on the moon

a very beautiful trip into pure imagination, by yannick puig. this is a music video for kwoon.

In “I lived on the moon”, a father speaks to his son. He explains how was his life on the moon. A place filled with flying snakes, fireflies and three tailed monkeys. A beautiful place, safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place in which you’ll find the entrance only if you open your mind.

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hitori asobi


“hitori asobi” means playing alone.

i’ve been playing wii tennis when i take a short break at night. one of the computer tennis players is called takumi. his serve ball is really fast. he’s beating the hell out of me.

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milk magazine sent me a copy of #318, which has an article about the “untitled love project” group show at thinkspace gallery in los angeles. i sent them a drawing called “soul pumping”.

(click the image to view close up)

thanks for showing my drawing!

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ookiku na~re, elijah…


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“requiem for a jerk”

From the film “Le Pacha”, directed by Georges Lautner

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no~! watch out, elijah!


elijah! you’re in danger!


elijah… are you aware that he’s eating you?

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elijah goes to bed around 9 pm, after his bath. he sleeps for three to four hours straight at night. during those hours, i do some housework and work on my drawings. i’ve tried to draw during the day, but i find i can’t focus on either my drawings or elijah. so i decided to play with elijah during the day.

elijah has started to baby-talk more and more and shows a lot of curiosity to the world around him. i don’t want to miss any of it.


“Sailors — Friends, Lovers, or Husbands”

amazing music, beautiful film.

i still can’t believe this video has only one vote on videosift… well, it should get three votes. because paul, elijah and i love it!

jacques demy
michel legrand

watch this video on videosift.

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