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i didn’t try to make one big cookie on purpose. it was an accident.

it wasn’t such a good idea to try to make cookies while taking care of the baby. i was having some people over so i thought it would be nice to have some home-made cookies. plus, now that i’m a mama, i should be able to make cookies canadian-style. chocolate chip cookies are the classic mama cookie, so i decided to try them first. it was supposed to be a three-step process:

  • find a recipe
  • get the ingredients
  • make the cookies

my plan started pretty well. i found a recipe online. i took elijah to the supermarket and he gave me the okay to buy a bag of chocolate chips.

the next day, i decided to make the cookies. i fed elijah and put him down to sleep. i mixed the ingredients together, turned the oven on, and started forming the dough into cookies. from the bedroom, i heard elijah start to cry. i went and picked him up and brought him to the kitchen and put him in his chair. i gave him some toys to play with and went back to making the cookies, placing them on the cookie sheet. elijah started crying again, because his diaper was wet. off i went to change his diaper. then i realized he was hungry again, so i sat down to feed him a bit more…

quite a while later, i came back to the kitchen with elijah. the cookie dough was looking suspiciously mellow. i’d left the raw cookies on the cookie sheet on the warm stove top while the oven was preheated. i think they got a little bit cooked before i put them in the oven, and they were already spreading out and getting really soft. i didn’t really notice, i just put them in the oven.

i baked the cookies according to the recipe, but they came out really big and all stuck together. plus they were a little burned at the edges. at least the non-burned parts were tasty, even though we were eating ugly chunks of cookie. i didn’t serve my giant cookie to my guests — i gave them italian cookies that i’d bought at the supermarket.

plan B always works best.

recipe for a cookie disaster

  1. gather the ingredients
  2. start mixing them together
  3. make funny faces and play with the baby
  4. preheat the oven
  5. sing silly songs and play with the baby
  6. form the cookie dough and place onto the cookie sheet
  7. make funny noises and play with your baby
  8. leave the cookie sheet on the warm stove top
  9. change his diaper
  10. change his clothes (diaper accident)
  11. wash those clothes right away
  12. forget what you were doing fifteen minutes ago
  13. feed the baby
  14. burp the baby
  15. wipe the baby’s mouth after he spits up
  16. forget what you were doing thirty minutes ago
  17. try to put him back to sleep
  18. pick him up
  19. change his diaper again
  20. bring him back to the kitchen
  21. give him a toy and try to make him interested in it
  22. put the cookie sheet in the oven without noticing the cookies are already warm and melting
  23. bake the cookies
  24. take the cookie (only one giant cookie by now) out of the oven
  25. break off the burned parts and throw them out
  26. eat the leftover cookie chunks and save some for later
  27. open a package of italian cookies and place some on a plate
  28. voila! delicious italian cookies!

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when i was 17, i used to look like this. now i’m old enough to know i shouldn’t carry a dead fish in my mouth. first of all, that fish is completely decomposed by now.

these days i can’t help but notice the large elephant ears growing over my original ears. using them, i can hear elijah’s voice/crying voice anywhere i go — even when i’m showering. when i hear his voice, i dash over to see what he’s up to. i’m always ready to rescue elijah. i’ve got mama-elephant ears.

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mr. wind’s solitude

it was windy yesterday. i bet this guy was walking around in saskatoon…

via mlx on videosift

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this is how he looks after elijah gets cleaned up on the change table.

he becomes very happy and chatty.


we talk about his dream and what we should do for fun.

today, he dreamed about going for a walk with a dinosaur. the dinosaur gave him a ride.

elijah and i went to the public health centre this afternoon. his height is now 65 cm (if it’s accurate…) and he weighs 15 lb 6oz.

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video promo commissioned by 679 Recordings for Beggin’ (Pilooski re-edit) by frankie valli and the four seasons.

i love this tune and nice video work by cyriak! i think i’m going to sing this song in my head all day.

via maudlin from videosift.

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so cute.

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elijah is learning to roll over. i’ve turned into a cheerleader.

ganbare, elijah!


i helped him with the last little bit…

(click image for maximum cuteness)

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