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milk magazine (fashion & culture magazine from hong kong), asked me about my favorite websites. videosift is by far the most entertaining website that i like. nowadays, i don’t really have time to browse websites, but i check videosift everyday to find something amusing. paul and i joined as a sifter over a year ago. we post videos that we both like.

at one point, plastiquemonkey became the number one sifter on videosift. i screensaved it because i knew it wouldn’t last long. as a matter of fact, it lasted about 5 minutes. another sifter, name deputydog, passed us right away and shot up to the top. but then he stopped sifting and started his own very popular website.

my 5 favorite websites:

  1. VideoSift
    –> this is a community website where people submit videos and the community votes on them. it’s an amazing selection. finding a favorite sifter is like finding a gem box – full of fascinating things. my favorite sifters are “rickegee“, “farhad2000” and “mlx“.
  2. Deputy Dog
    –> a very entertaining blog by someone i met through videosift. he has a great talent for finding interesting things.
  3. Kanshin Kuukan (“Interest Space”)
    –> a japanese community site where people write about whatever interests them. i click on random tags and read things that are new to me.
  4. Design*Sponge
    –> probably my favorite design blog.
  5. Go-Kyokun (“Your Daily Lesson”)
    –> a japanese website where people send in puns and funny lines. judges decide which line will get published — one per day. it’s very funny and i can start my day with a good laugh.

Author: yuka

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