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a saskatoon design company, beagle productions contacted me to be part of their online gallery of saskatoon artists. some of my artist friends here in saskatoon are also on the spotlight. you should check them out. the purpose of this project is to attract visitors to saskatoon. i hope a lot of people will come to saskatoon. saskatoon is booming, you know.

Our Curio

The Spotlight on Visual Art Curio in Beagle Productions showcases Saskatoon’s eclectic collection of artists and their paintings through an in-person display as well as kiosk and web technology. This Curio builds on the growing popularity and success of the Crescent’s art community by providing the opportunity to display these impressive works year round and to a broader audience. Not only does this add value to the cultural community in Saskatoon, but it will also encourage an appreciation for local art, culture and heritage by making it easier for artists to present and the public to find impressive local art.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

6 thoughts on “the spotlight on visual art curio”

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I hope you still remember me! I think it’s fantastic that you keep getting all these features and new opertunities! You really seem involved in your local communty.

    Last I checked in, I was still pregnant. I had my son on Monday. He was 7lbs 9oz and 22 inches long. His name is Kyo. :)

    Anyway, thought I’d check in. Love the pics of your son and Hk. Haha.

  2. ku:

    yes, i remember you :)
    wowowow! congratulations to you and your family! you must be very very happy!
    how are you feeling? take a good care of yourself. i had a difficult time walking in the first month. staying bed with a baby is the way to go!

    hello! thanks for your comment and a blogger award. cool :)

  3. yuka: Great, I wasn’t so sure. ^-^ Thank you so very much. We are Happier then I’ve ever been. I am 100%. I wish I could have stayed in bed more but duty calls. But, I agree with the walking and wishing I could stay in bed. I’m pretty sure Kyo’s ambilical cord is coming off, he has been extra fussy recently. :/

  4. i’m sorry to take so long to reply…

    thanks so much :)

    great to hear.

    m~ fussy hours. sounds familiar :D

    do you keep baby’s umbilical cord? i do. people here seem to find it weird.

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