chromatics :: in the city (21st century italo disco)

a gently cosmic update of italo disco…


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  1. Selfpartwo’s avatar

    Nice find. Her vocals sound great.

    Have you checked out Alexander Robotnick at all? If you like this, and the Kompakt stuff you would probably be into it.

    Hey Yuka, do you have any Halloween Cards? Or even Christmas Cards? Or both? I’m thinking you could make snow, santa, blood and body parts cute and amusing. ;)

    Grats on all the success by the way.

    Die Hello Kitty! Stab!!

  2. yuka’s avatar

    okay, i’ll check him out.

    i don’t have any halloween cards yet. but i’m supposed to work on a christmas theme artwork next month for a show in berlin. so i might turn that into a card…

    ahaha :D
    if you want to stab hello kitty, aim around the mouth area. that girl needs a mouth.


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