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someone wrote me an email recently saying my work knocked his socks off, and that people at his work were wondering where his socks went.

i never heard the idiom “knocked my socks off” before, so i took it literally. i wrote back to him and told him to hold on to his feet. i was thinking about that conversation when i drew this.

this drawing is called “meichuu” (命中), which is japanese for “bullseye”. the kanji literally mean “life center”.

i’m showing this as part of a show called “girls at play”, at compound gallery, in portland. this will be my first show in the US. if you live in the portland area, please come to the show. i’ll be at the opening reception, november 1st.

girls at play

four female artists who represent a new movement in japanese art
(show details)

november 1 – 30
reception november 1st @7pm

compound gallery
107 nw 5th avenue
portland, oregon


welcome to people from Digg — i’m your “midweek weirdness“.

if you like my drawings, there are more on my gallery page.

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