November 2007

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tomorrow is the opening for a group show titled “tinyshop” at double punch gallery in san francisco. “Tinyshop is dedicated to the memory of a cat named Tiny, a small boy in a big catsuit. Tiny’s life was punctuated with a verve, and youthful interest of the world around him. Tinyshop carries on his affection for the world “at small.”

i made five matchboxes for this tiny theme. you can view all of my matchboxes here.

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title :: “shizen miruku buro (natural milk bath)”


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title :: “resaikuru miruku (recycled milk)”


i’m reusing this recycled milk idea over and over again. i think the snow brand milk incident is haunting me…

these tiny matchboxes are for sale. if you are interested in purchasing, please contact double punch gallery.

Nov 21, 2007 – Jan 11, 2008
opening night: Nov 24, 2007, 6pm-9pm

double punch gallery
1821 Powell Street @ Filbert
2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94133

tinyshop info:

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i drew this for a group show called “the christmas machine” at MFK gallery in berlin. the theme is obviously christmas. nothing more christmassy than a trout coming to town. he brought me a new set of hands.

after i drew a girl with a trunk body, i thought there was something missing. so i drew a bonsai tree growing on her trunk. whew, i feel better now.

you can see the other artists’ works on flickr. i love ‘bobi and bobi‘ and ‘toby tam‘ as always…

this drawing is for sale.  please contact galerie MFK.

The “Christmas Machine” will be an exhibit about the
iconography of Christmas. It shows the outgrowths of our
prechristmassy imagination, tells about tradition and kitsch,Joseph and Salome
and all the other things which contribute to the party of the “Incarnation of God”.

Opening: 07.12.07 – 19h
Exhibition: 08.12.07 – 22.12.07; Wds-Sa 14 – 19h

Galerie MFK

Oranienburger str. 41
10117 Berlin

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last friday was paul’s birthday.

elijah asked me to help him make a birthday card for papa.

it clearly says “happy birthday, papa”.

and it’s…


paul and i have been very busy working and doing stuff around the house. last weekend was actually our first time not to think about anything related to work for a long, long time. we played with elijah a lot, threw a birthday party for paul AND we watched movies together!! elijah seems happy just having us around. he can play on his own now. he stopped crying cold turkey.

one of the movies we got to watch on DVD was the documentary, KNOCKED UP. when i saw this in the theatre, i wasn’t able to concentrate, because i started having contractions. elijah recently confessed that he decided not to break my water until after the movie because he didn’t want to fall out on the sticky floor and get covered in popcorn. even so, he made it hard for me to watch the end of the movie, including the birth scene. so i was really watching some of it for the first time…

it’s nice to be an adult again!

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korla pandit had a daily afternoon music tv show in LA back in the 1950s where he played his unique percussive style of hammond organ while mystical cloud projections passed in the background and the camera focused in on his dreamy hypnotic eyes.

so dreamy & hypnotic, in fact, that wealthy women started sending him really expensive gifts, like grand pianos. rumors began to circulate that pandit was actually hypnotizing women through the tv & the concern got so great that the station cancelled him and he was replaced by and up and coming pianist – liberace.

korla slipped into obscurity, eventually playing organ at silent film revival houses in LA until tim burton cast him for a cameo as himself in ed wood.

watch this on videosift.

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(click the image to view close up)

title:: “boku datte gyu-nyu- (i’m also milk)”


this is one of my matchbox drawings for a group show coming up at double punch gallery in san francisco in november. the show is called “tinyshop“ — everything has to be tiny (maximum size 6 x 6″).

check out “tinyshop” blog to see other artists.

opening:: november 24th saturday, 6-9pm

(click the image to view close up)

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the owner of a fashion boutique in taiwan, TUAN TUAN, contacted me to request the use of my drawings for a promotional campaign. she wrote me personal emails to express their company philosophy as well as how she felt close to my work. she has a strong passion for art and treats fashion as art. i felt very touched by how thoughtful she was and how much she likes my drawings. so i decided to work with her.

she chose my drawings “new heartbeat” and “my precious egg” for this campaign, announcing the opening of their new boutique in taipei. i think they are great match — i did both drawings when i was pregnant with elijah, and they both have the idea of birth and new life.

the ads featuring my drawings appeared in taiwan’s biggest newspaper, “apple daily“, back in september (7th and 14th). i was told the ads would be full page, but i didn’t realize the effect until i received the actual newspaper, they’re so big… the ads also ran in a fashion magazine called madame figaro in taiwan. i was interviewed by madame figaro for an article, which i’ll post here soon.

TUAN TUAN carries COMME des GARCONS, junya watanabe, camper, 45 rpm, maison martin margiela, undercover, and BALENCIAGA. they will be making a tote bags using my drawings, for sale in the boutique. you can buy a print of “new heartbeat” from my online shop.

(click the image to view close up)

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i was juxtapozed…

i was reviewed on the juxtapoz website last week. pretty sweet…

We’ve been seeing the work of a lot of great Japanese artists lately, and another to add to that increasingly long list is Yuka Yamaguchi. We’ve seen mentions of her around the internets, so we thought we’d get to know her work a little better and share it with you.

Yuka has taken up residence in Saskatoon to start her art career, and so far she’s on a pretty meteoric rise. We dig how her soft, colored pencil style conjures her quirky subject matter. We like how her use of organs, muscle and veins conveys emotion on a visceral level (no pun intended), and there’s a lot of symbolism about innocence and birth.

If you live in the Portland area, you can see some of Yuka’s work in a group show (also her first US show), Girls at Play at Compound Gallery, and Bay Area residents can see some very tiny work of hers in the Tinyshop show at Double Punch Gallery. The rest of us can check out her online portfolio at

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title: “relaxation space”.


this is one of my matchbox drawings for a group show coming up at double punch gallery in san francisco in november. the show is called “tinyshop“ — everything has to be tiny (maximum size 6 x 6″).

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tonight is the opening of the group show, “girls at play” at compound gallery. i’ll be flying to portland all day today — no direct flight from saskatoon, so we have to change planes in calgary and vancouver. i hope elijah will be happy and sleepy all day.

the curator from the gallery contacted me back in july and invited me to be part of this show. he said the theme would be “twisted eroticism”. i’ve never tried to draw anything erotic, so i wasn’t sure why he asked me. but then i remembered that some of my drawings show up on sexy websites from time to time, especially the ones with naked breasts. it’s a little strange to me that people find my drawings to be erotic, since i don’t think of them that way.

i’m not very good at drawing around a theme, or doing anything on purpose. i tend to get heavy mind-constipation worrying about whether my work will fit with what i’ve been asked to do, or if anyone will understand it. as a good japanese citizen, harmony is very important. so i end up thinking a lot about the other people and the situation, instead of just drawing what i feel like drawing.

i didn’t get much done for this show until the end of september. it was elijah’s super-fussy season around age 2-3 months. then, when i had time to think about drawing, i couldn’t decide what to do for this show.

after all that mind-blowing mind-constipation, i decided i wouldn’t care what i was supposed to do for the show. i just started drawing whatever came to my mind: first there was a girl playing nintendo wii with her breasts, then there were some roosters doing strange things (i didn’t realize what the other word is for “rooster”), then finally there were some giant hearts attached to a stump body of a schoolgirl. maybe some people will still find it sexy but it doesn’t seem that way to me. i was just trying to make myself laugh.

i’m happy the show was given the title “girls at play”. i didn’t know the title until just recently, after doing most of the drawings. it’s good that i drew the girl playing with the wii. but even the other drawings are just me playing around with my pencils, so it still fits with the theme.


i hope people have fun looking at my drawings. if you’re in portland tonight, come to compound gallery. i’m not very chatty and don’t make much sense, but i’d be very happy if you are there.

here is the set of drawings i’m showing. you can click the images to enlarge, and go through them like a slideshow.




my original drawings can be purchased from compound gallery’s online shop (and at the gallery, in portland). i will be making prints of a few of these drawings and adding them to my online shop.

girls at play

four female artists who represent a new movement in japanese art
(show details)

november 1 – 30
reception november 1st @7pm

compound gallery
107 nw 5th avenue
portland, oregon

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