i was juxtapozed…

i was reviewed on the juxtapoz website last week. pretty sweet…

We’ve been seeing the work of a lot of great Japanese artists lately, and another to add to that increasingly long list is Yuka Yamaguchi. We’ve seen mentions of her around the internets, so we thought we’d get to know her work a little better and share it with you.

Yuka has taken up residence in Saskatoon to start her art career, and so far she’s on a pretty meteoric rise. We dig how her soft, colored pencil style conjures her quirky subject matter. We like how her use of organs, muscle and veins conveys emotion on a visceral level (no pun intended), and there’s a lot of symbolism about innocence and birth.

If you live in the Portland area, you can see some of Yuka’s work in a group show (also her first US show), Girls at Play at Compound Gallery, and Bay Area residents can see some very tiny work of hers in the Tinyshop show at Double Punch Gallery. The rest of us can check out her online portfolio at www.plastiquemonkey.com.

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