today’s elijah :: making a birthday card for papa

last friday was paul’s birthday.

elijah asked me to help him make a birthday card for papa.

it clearly says “happy birthday, papa”.

and it’s…


paul and i have been very busy working and doing stuff around the house. last weekend was actually our first time not to think about anything related to work for a long, long time. we played with elijah a lot, threw a birthday party for paul AND we watched movies together!! elijah seems happy just having us around. he can play on his own now. he stopped crying cold turkey.

one of the movies we got to watch on DVD was the documentary, KNOCKED UP. when i saw this in the theatre, i wasn’t able to concentrate, because i started having contractions. elijah recently confessed that he decided not to break my water until after the movie because he didn’t want to fall out on the sticky floor and get covered in popcorn. even so, he made it hard for me to watch the end of the movie, including the birth scene. so i was really watching some of it for the first time…

it’s nice to be an adult again!

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  1. Alfred’s avatar

    Sooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!

  2. mr Bonjour’s avatar

    happy birthday Paul !

  3. Ku’s avatar

    Kawaii. Drawing already!:D

  4. yuka’s avatar

    arigato~ isn’t he kissable?

    mr bonjour::
    paul says “thank you!”

    ahaha, pretty wild drawing, i say.

  5. Liliana’s avatar

    eheh!… cute!!
    Happy birthday baby Paul! :)

  6. yuka’s avatar

    thanks, said papa paul.


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