my tiny contribution to tinyshop

tomorrow is the opening for a group show titled “tinyshop” at double punch gallery in san francisco. “Tinyshop is dedicated to the memory of a cat named Tiny, a small boy in a big catsuit. Tiny’s life was punctuated with a verve, and youthful interest of the world around him. Tinyshop carries on his affection for the world “at small.”

i made five matchboxes for this tiny theme. you can view all of my matchboxes here.

(click the image to view close up)

title :: “shizen miruku buro (natural milk bath)”


(click the image to view close up)

title :: “resaikuru miruku (recycled milk)”


i’m reusing this recycled milk idea over and over again. i think the snow brand milk incident is haunting me…

these tiny matchboxes are for sale. if you are interested in purchasing, please contact double punch gallery.

Nov 21, 2007 – Jan 11, 2008
opening night: Nov 24, 2007, 6pm-9pm

double punch gallery
1821 Powell Street @ Filbert
2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94133

tinyshop info:

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  1. GASP’s avatar

    hello! i’m french so my englich is very bad! i just want you to see my blog and say what you think of my blog and of my drawings !please!

  2. Venice’s avatar



  3. Alfred’s avatar

    OMG!! I just realized that the show is ONE BLOCK from my front door here in San Francisco!! I am SO going to go there…



  4. yuka’s avatar

    merci! thanks for writing me in english coz’ i don’t understand french very much.

    日本語でのコメントありがと~ はじめまして、べにすさん。

    oh, really? only one block!
    someday, i’d like to go to SF to meet you.


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