the ornament show :: tree trimming 2

tonight is the opening of a group show called, “the ornament show” at J Flynn gallery in costa mesa, california.

these are my ornaments. the red ones are called “severe pain pin cushions”. i created these severe pain pin cushions last year. they are the only somewhat useful toys in my useless toy collections. for one thing, they come with a wrist band. they are for sale at J Flynn gallery as well as in my online shop.

in addition to my useless toy collection, i made this “milk head-chan” (centre) for this ornament show. this is the character shows up in my matchboxes. i hand-stitched her face. i wanted to make her as ugly+cute as possible. i think this ugliness will brighten the holiday spirit even more. this is available at J Flynn gallery. please contact J Flynn gallery, if you are interested in them.


OC register’s art critic’s blog on ornaments

Author: yuka

can you see this?

6 thoughts on “the ornament show :: tree trimming 2”

  1. The severe pain pincushions make me giggle. I just imagine poking a pervert old man. >.> rofl. Do you go to most of these galleries where your work is presented or only sometimes?

  2. ahaha~
    i’d like to go every single show that i’m part of, but unfortunately my wallet won’t let me do that. so i only go to a show opening when my wallet says ‘yes’. but i’ll make an effort to go to a show if it’s a solo show or small group show no matter what.

  3. Finally…someone has combined my love of pain pincushions, with my love of christmas decorations.

    All the best over the holidays.

  4. ahaha. happy together finally…

    santa might be into poking with pins rather than eating cookies.

    are you going to berlin soon?

  5. Yes! I leave in 6 weeks.

    Anxious to leave. But not totally prepared yet either.

    Berlin will be such a good change.

    It’s been a hard year of rain in Vancouver =(

    You should make plastiquemonkey umbrellas!

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