today’s elijah :: happy holidays with mtp duck headgear

dear elijah,

your mama is still horrified by the idea of putting her hand into a beheaded and skinned dead bird. so there will be no turkey dinner for you this year.

as a compromise, your mama asked santa to give her a super power to make ‘maximum team power duck headgear’ free hand. she had been thinking about how to make this headgear since you were still in her body. in her mind, ‘beheaded’ and ‘bird’ parts are all covered. so it’s basically the same thing.

i hope this headgear will keep your head warm all winter and you find it somewhat festive. it’s a festivus for the rest of us.

best wishes,


Author: yuka

can you see this?

9 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: happy holidays with mtp duck headgear”

  1. NO elijah! not the decapitated power duck head! I cut my teeth on the real thing.

    very nice use of the bumbo to keep elijah from rolling or commando crawling out of frame . . .

  2. A friend introduced me to your art and I have completely fallen in love with it. Your baby is very adorable as well!! It’s great to find new artists to admire.

  3. endorphine::
    ahaha. my goal is to help people exercise their facial muscles. i already helped my five year old nephew do that.

    it’s got the inside pat so it should be warm enough even the saskatchewan weather.

    he put that right into his mouth without me staging him. that proves he’s my son.

    scary part is this is just a beginning…

    hey~!! nice to see you here. how’s it going?

    ahaha, the bumbo is actually too tight for him and he hates sitting in it.
    he already arched back and got out of it too many times…

    thanks for visiting!

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