print show at cafe pause in tokyo

i’m doing a show at cafe pause in ikebukuro, tokyo. i’m showing some prints of my favorite drawings. initially, i was planning to show original drawings, but i realized it would be much easier to bring prints with me, especially since i’m travelling with my baby. we all came to japan at the end of december to spend new year’s with my family in wakayama. then paul, elijah and i went to tokyo to set up this show.

this is my first show in japan, actually. i started my art career in canada, years after i left japan in 2000. my work is pretty well known online, with my website and flickr and many links from different sites around the world. i write my blog in english, so my contacts have been mostly non-japanese. i’ve shown work in many different places, but never before in japan.

jean snow and elijah

the person who contacted me to do this show is jean snow. he’s a canadian living in tokyo who writes a blog about design and pop culture in tokyo. he found me after my drawings were linked from drawn!, even though the link was broken (he searched my name on google). jean asked me if i was interested in doing a show at cafe pause, where he sets up events. we arranged the time so we could also spend new year’s with my family on the same trip.

cafe pause is about a 10 minute walk from ikebukuro station. it stands on a corner lot and the two walls facing the streets have big wall-to-wall windows that create an open-air feeling. there are display areas on the pillars and on the walls (but not much wall space because of all the windows). i put up small prints on the bookshelves on the pillars and along one wall, and some big prints on the open wall space. i filled up the space with images tightly, using 44 prints in total (many of them used twice in different places). i made two prints (‘inside of me’ and ‘after all’) so large (18 x 24″) that their heads are bigger than lifesize. someday, i’d like to make huge prints that would swallow our minds and bodies –ultraman size would be nice.

it’s been awhile since i did a show in a cafe gallery – my favorite place to show my drawings. i like my work to be seen as part of daily life. people come to a cafe for a cup of coffee or to meet someone, not specifically to look at art. when they go home that evening to have a bath, if they suddenly remember my drawings and the images come out of the mist of the bath, that would be wonderful.

the show will be on until january 13th. the prints are all for sale, and there are free postcards, too.

cafe pause
2-14-12-1F Minami-Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5950-6117
Fax: 03-5950-6180

Author: yuka

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6 thoughts on “print show at cafe pause in tokyo”

  1. A cafe gallery sounds fun, I’ve honestly never been to one! —

    My computer is down right now so I’m commenting from my husband’s computer. I really wish I could have been in Tokyo around the same time as your show! I won’t be able to travel there till cherry blossom season. :/ I need to start looking for accomidations for our big move back home! ^-^ It’ll be nice to have a family vacation. Anyway, enough about me. I hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday and that your show was a smash hit. I’m sure it was!

  2. Wow, I wish i was in Tokyo, looks like a great show.

    I really love Tokyo, I thinks it’s my favorite place I’ve ever visited. So I will definitely check out Jean’s blog.

  3. hi patrick! glad to know that you got to go see the show. i was thinking you might show up at pause talk and see you.

    hi ku-chan, oh, you’re going there in the lovely season!
    tokyo was fun but we all felt super-tired after spending three days there. i like saskatoon better – at least it’s smoke free…

    hi ben, yes, check out jean’s blog. he’s awesome.

    hi red-handed, i wish i could have spent more time at the cafe. i took part in pause talk held at the cafe. i really like the atmosphere — dark lights reflecting on the wrap-around windows and all. it was nice.

  4. Sorry I didn’t show up at Pause Talk, I’ve never been actually. :)

    But I did check out the exhibition, got postcards and bought a print of “the upper hand” which I love. Keep up your great work!

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