ISM: gallery grand opening ‘hello my name is…’

ISM is opening a gallery in the heart of the art district of downtown Long Beach.
it will be one of the largest non-profit galleries in Southern California.
they are celebrating the grand opening with an exhibition and reception on Saturday, January 26th.

the opening exhibition is entitled “Hello, my name is __________.” and they invited artists to display OLD or NEW art in this show as they introduce the ISM: Gallery and their favorite artists to the city of Long Beach and Southern California.”

i sent off these three drawings:


monkey gravity

papa gone fishin’

one of the LA publications, the district is doing a story on the ISM grand opening and picked my image “gorinjyu” to use as the cover for the magazine. when i get the magazine, i’ll post it on my blog.

i hope a lot of people show up for this grand opening to celebrate this wonderful organization.

ISM: gallery // grand opening

This Saturday January 26th we will be opening the ISM: gallery in a fresh
approach to art and social activism. The ISM: gallery is a familial center
exhibiting creative installations, artistic seminars and informative lectures
that will both educate and entertain while presenting an opportunity for
community involvement.

“Hello My Name Is…” the grand opening exhibition will feature artists
Aaron Israel, Adrien Biosse Duplan, 2H, Brian Viveros, Chet Zar, Derek
Hess, Famous When Dead, Grace Chee, Inky Dreadfuls, Haubs, KMNDZ,
Mark Murphy, Munk One, Sheesh, Stephen Anderson, The Dead Beatnik,
Yuka Yamaguchi, Zoso and over a 100 more artists.

ISM: a community project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated
to benefiting the youth of our society through the artistic enrichment of
our community.

For more information on our organization and how to donate please visit:

ISM: gallery at the Koos Art Center
540 East Broadway
Long Beach, California 90802

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  1. Ku’s avatar

    The gorinjyu is my favorite for sure. :)

  2. yuka’s avatar

    oh, thanks. but the title ‘gorinju’ means ‘to take the last breath’. i’m not sure it suits for a story of a gallery opening… i wonder if they knew the meaning…?!

  3. Ku’s avatar

    You are probably right about that but if they saw what I saw then I can understand. I personally really adore the eyes in that piece. I like expressive features.


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