5 thoughts on “art recipe :: fugue 1”

  1. that picture of elijah chewing on the wheel is soooo funny! aina chews on everything, too (including wheels). but i think canadian wheels are more nutricious because it looks like elijah is almost twice as big as aina… :)

  2. tell me about it… he moves really fast too nowadays…

    i think the wheels are made of swedish meatballs.

    well, aina is a girl, so don’t worry about it.

  3. OMG he is so big! What a cutie! Kyo puts all sorts of things in his mouth… apparently my fingers are oh so yummy. >.> I was wondering how you got your drawings done! Talk about multi tasking.

  4. he’s really into pushing the wheels, plus he tries to reach the paper on the table.
    i might have to come up with other plans now… :D

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