trying out homemade baby food – broccoli and sweet potato

elijah has been eating solid food for awhile and he’s getting used to some of the food. i bought some commercial baby food in a jar, but so far elijah doesn’t like them at all. i tasted some and i know why – it’s surprisingly disgusting. flavor is way too strong… i might be wrong, but commercial pureed sweet potato is actually yam.

(homemade broccoli rice and vivid colour baby food sweet potato)

anyhow, i’ve been making homemade baby food. it turns out that it’s not that hard. i microwave pretty much everything and mash them or finely chop them. to store the food, i use ice tray to make individual servings for rice and soup stock. anything else, i put them in a freezer bag and use a chop stick to score so that when you use it, you just need to break a piece.

elijah didn’t like my sweet potato puree, either. he made a face like world is over.

and he didn’t like broccoli, either. that’s okay. if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to eat it. when he’s ready, he’ll eat it anyway. right now, i’m enjoying looking at his priceless faces.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

10 thoughts on “trying out homemade baby food – broccoli and sweet potato”

  1. Hey it looks like an evidence bag!


    “Your Honor,

    I present to the courtroom, Exhibit “A”.

    “Sweet Potatoes Feb 2nd 2008″

    Clearly, my Mom was trying to torture me with those mushy vegetables. Further evidence is in the freezer. This travesty must be stopped!”


    “But look at his face! hehehehehehe. Its priceless!”



    Yuka, the interview by May Hua was great. It felt more like a good conversation between you two. Very natural, on point and revealing.

    I’ve never known anyone to be a “big fan of the intestines.”

    So yeah. Extremely Radical Wicked Awesome! ;)

  2. Elijah is so cute♥ I love your posts and art so much. Hontou ni arigatou, Yamaguchi-san~ Ganbatte wo kudasai, ne~!

  3. I have a baby almost the same age!
    Mine doesnt like Broccoli either, and i was told it is common for babies not to like cabbage-type foods like Broccoli, coliflower (sp?), etc…
    I used to feed my baby canned baby food, but actually it was our stay in Japan that made me move to home prepared foods – it was almost impossible to find baby food anywhere! In France and England, where we live, there is quite a big variety and you can find those little cans everywhere. In Tokyo – it was really a big hassle to find a store that sells such things. So i started preparing everything myself. It’s not that difficult (i suggest you invest in a good mixer!) and definately healthier and tastier for the baby..

  4. selfpartwo:
    ahaha! i hear law and order theme song – da dada dada da~n

    how’s your life in berlin?


    so nice to hear from mama with a baby the same age :)
    i didn’t know there are canned baby food! i’d like to try that myself :D
    elijah actually started to like broccoli. i changed the texture. then he didn’t seem to mind it. i made vegetable soup with carrots, cabbage and onion. i use it to dilute some mushy veggies and rice cereal. i think that did a trick too. i sprinkle some cheese as well.
    babies are more gourmet than i expected…

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