today’s elijah :: making a brief stop at kyoto station

on our way to see our friends in kyoto, we made a brief stop at kyoto station. paul and i used to go there to take pictures of the new kyoto station.

in the station, there was a small gallery promoting a new drama situated in kyoto. they didn’t forget to make this photo board. i love these thing — so stupid and so good. of course, elijah was the first victim.

we think elijah would make a pretty mr. geisha-san.

sorry, elijah. your papa and mama love these stupid things…

we love you, elijah! don’t forget.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: making a brief stop at kyoto station”

  1. I think I saw teeth! How many is that now? What a beautiful family. :D Kyoto is wonderful, my favorite. My sensei is from there.

  2. ku:
    he’s got four teeth – two at the bottom and two from the top. but the top ones are not coming from the centre, beside the centre (does this make sense?). it’s going to be humorous when they grow longer… T_T

    arigato :)

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