elijah on video :: pushcart walking

elijah is now on video! we bought a camcorder last week to record him. we could see elijah was almost ready to walk.sunday, elijah grabs his pushcart and off he goes! his first steps on his own. we were so surprised.


paul made it into a video and uploaded it to vimeo. music: willis jackson – nuther’n like thuther’n

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  1. ksklein’s avatar

    cute video! :) and nice furniture you have. :)

  2. Mayu’s avatar

    Omedetoo Elijah-kun!!
    So cute.
    I can’t wait to see him in May!!

    P.S. I want this video update every day, please!

  3. Ku’s avatar

    CHARRRGGGGEEEE! Yatta! Lol. Awesome. He is adorable. :D

  4. yuka’s avatar


    i was very very surprised by what he did. i really didn’t expect him to do that.
    bikkuri shitayo! :O

  5. rickegee’s avatar

    We LOVED Yuka’s “panic” hands and Elijah’s fearlessness and/or determination to run over Paul.

    When he starts walking, your hands will be like that for weeks. When he moves on to dancing, you can relax.

    I will have to send along the Ellis/Lowell dancing video from the blog at some point.

  6. yuka’s avatar

    ahaha, i was really shocked!!
    i miss ellis’s super adorable dance move :)


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