today’s elijah :: rainbow world shirt

paul and i found this shirt at nishimatsu-ya, a baby clothes shop in japan. my mom and my sister-in-law, mayumi-chan, kept telling us to go check out this shop — lots of cute baby clothes, with reasonable prices.

so one day we dropped in to do some shopping. we were happy to find that most of the clothes they carry have awesome engrish on them. we had such a great time we ended up going back there again and again.

elijah seems a little skeptical, but that’s his usual face so we don’t worry about it.

rainbow world very wonderful
nice the sky happily
we are all well so special
smile big sky

on the back of the shirt, it says ‘highest’.

(photos:: seven month old elijah)

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  1. kat’s avatar

    Very cute! Thanks for the tip! I just checked out the Nishimatsu-ya website – the stuff is very cheap and the Engrish is hilarious. I’m definitely getting the ‘LUMP of NATURE’ tshirt!! Ha! I’m obsessed with buying Japanese baby clothes – they are the best!!

  2. Ku’s avatar

    Rofl. Oh my. I often wonder if the engrish is on purpose or purely by accident. I know so many Japanese that do not have issues with their English unlike me who has constant issues with my Japanese. My sentence structure is off. Anyway… if I saw that on a child I might suspect the parents were on acid even if the baby is cute as a button! ^-^ :P

  3. yuka’s avatar

    they are awesome, aren’t they? have fun shopping! i might go back to japan in october. my nishimatsu-ya heat is coming back.

    i’m hoping it’s on purpose — would be so cool.

    i’m high on breast milk. i finally had a courage to lick it the other day… oishikunaiyo~! bikkuri!


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