today’s elijah :: children’s day!

the fifth of may is a japanese holiday called ‘kodomo no hi‘ (children’s day). the holiday used to be called ‘boy’s day’, but the government decided to rename it children’s day to celebrate the happiness of all children. we still celebrate boys on this day since there is a girl’s day on the third of march.

for boy’s day, we raise a carp flag (koi nobori) and display dolls in samurai armor. one of the dolls represent ‘kintaro‘. kintaro was raised in the mountains by his mother. kintaro rides a bear instead of a horse. the animals of the forest became his friends due to his gentle nature. eventually kintaro joins up with a Samurai clan and helps to defeat a gang of demons. kintaro is a symbol of a healthy and strong boy.

i don’t have carp flags or the dolls yet, so i made an origami kabuto and jinbei kimono for elijah. i happened to have a kintaro bib. i tried to put a paper origami kabuto on his head, but he ate it. here he is on his rocking moose.

i hope he had fun on his first boy’s day. or maybe he’s sick of being a model…

Author: yuka

can you see this?

6 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: children’s day!”

  1. Absolutely adorable. I love that you still celebrate special days like these even though you are not in Japan. Do you every wish you were still there?

  2. arigato, everyone!

    sorry it’s taking me a loooong time to get back. i’m on holiday…

    i like japan when i’m living away from it. i love the culture, but it’s so polluted and
    there are way too many people living in the islands. i’m scared that it’s gonna sink soon.

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