today’s elijah :: in love at victoria park

paul, elijah and i have been living temporarily in london, ontario since the beginning of may. it’s been so much fun living here.

if i have to choose three things that i need to live in a city, they would be…

  1. a small river
  2. parks
  3. a farmer’s market

this city has it all.

elijah and i hit a park or two everyday. there is no shortage of parks here — parks everywhere! the thames river runs through the city and there are parks all along the riverside.  the city of london is nicknamed ‘the forest city’. mature trees covers the entire city. leaves rustle, birds sing, and the sun dapples gently on your face. elijah is examining a hole in the ground with a dandelion. i feel completely refreshed!

five minutes’ walk from our apartment takes us to victoria park. elijah and i go there in the morning to check out squirrels, birds, and interesting branches and weeds.  he’s started to say a few words. he points at a bird and says ‘burr~, burr~’. i think he’s trying to say ‘bird’.

we met a cute baby girl at the park. she was 16 months old. elijah is into older women (not much choice yet). he was acting shy at first, but then he decided to make a move.

he gave her a blade of grass and a dandelion with the seeds pulled off.  but when she was tried to grab his pine cone, he started to run away.


Author: yuka

can you see this?

5 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: in love at victoria park”

  1. Sounds dreamy! I read your blog often as I first discovered your work when I lived in Japan, and am glad to see your’e enjoying London…. it’s Elijah’s Birthday on Sunday so thought I’d send a congratulations early….. you know how I remember? Cause it’s mine too!;-)

  2. No wonder you’ve been living there! Those are top on my list of things I must have to live in a city. Look at all those teeth! My goodness. And he going to be the big 1 soon. You must be filled with many emotions! I know I am and Kyo’s birthday is nearly four months from Elijah’s birthday. (Kyo was born October 8th). I wonder what you guys will do! ^-^ Parks are so much fun.

  3. it was lovely living there. but now that i’m back in saskatoon, i like living here too.
    glad that parks are everywhere.

  4. Oh you are back? That’s great. I hope we will hear from you again soon. I love all the new art you put up. :D

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