ahhhhhhh!ha group show at the helm gallery

i’m taking part in a group show called “ahhhhhhh!ha” at the helm gallery in tacoma.  if you’re around in this area, please drop by.

 June offers the boisterous group show Ahhhhhhh!!! Ha. The show will feature nine artists who work with themes of distortion, humor, fantasy, death and the cute.
Sesame Street will meet Super Mario Land on its way over to the Millenium Falcon. Kids will poke themselves with scissors. Cakes and Creampuffs will float in the sky and the mods will dance on them. A big bang will exclaim failure. Monsters and monsters and monsters will eat your face while Mudman comes to town. All the dead birds in the world will congregate. A giant furry thing will get trapped in a pink net. It’s dark. It’s kinda gross. It’s implausible. It’s strangely attractive. It’s worthy of an Ahhhhhhh!!! and a Ha.

Please come to the opening reception June 19th from 5 to 10PM. Bring your dancing shoes.


Sean Alexander

Susan Belle

Rumi Koshino

Jasper Kreiger

Jeremiah Maddock

Natalie Miller

Jason Reamer

Yuka Yamaguchi

760 S Broadway, Tacoma, WA


Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “ahhhhhhh!ha group show at the helm gallery”

  1. So utterly you Yamaguchi, so incredibly Japanese, and always lovely…..Tacoma is so so very far away…wish I could be there…then I look at your blog, your art, and I am…suddenly, there…Keep it up, being so alive everyday-Cheers!

  2. wow, choggie! how are you doing? it’s so nice to see you here.
    i was hoping that the gallery in tacoma is somehow close to your home…
    glad you took a mental trip.
    viva everyday life!

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