environmental 911 group show in saskatoon

i’m taking part in a group show called ‘environmental 911’ at gordon snelgrove gallery at university of saskatchewan.  it’s been a while since i got to show my drawings in saskatoon.  i’m very happy.

we’ll be at the closing reception probably from 7 to 8pm-ish.  please come and say hi if you’re around in saskatoon.

oh, this drawings is called “new wings”.  16 x 20″

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

3 Campus Dr.  Saskatoon

Author: yuka

can you see this?

5 thoughts on “environmental 911 group show in saskatoon”

  1. Look at all those butterflies and layers! This must of taken you so long. Elijah sure does like so I’m sure the show will go wonderfully! I love the colors. <3

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