back on the street at the fringe festival

ah~, it’s so nice to be on the street with my drawings.  i started busking at the fringe festival here in saskatoon last night.  this is my first fringe since elijah came along.  and this is my first time ever being away from elijah for more than an hour.

i’ve been showing my drawings at galleries nowadays, which is very nice.  but i really like being on the street, where most of the people who come by are there just to look around, not because they’re particularly interested in art or in my drawings.  i like the randomness of having people stumble upon my work and seeing their reactions, good and bad.

the busking areas at the fringe have been very busy already this year.  i’ve been setting up on broadway, near 10th.  i have a little table with books of prints and postcards that people can browse through at their own speed.  there are a couple little stands that i put single prints in, so people can see them from a distance walking by.

some of the prints and postcards are of my newer drawings that i’ve never made into prints before.  the only one of the newer drawings that i’ve shown in saskatoon before is ‘new wings’.  the other new drawings are on first view, but i’ve already put the images up on my blog.

for the fringe festival i do a different printing technique than the archival prints i sell in my online shop.  they’re not as expensive to make, so i can sell the 8.5 x 11 prints for $10.  postcards are sold for $2 each, or 6 for $10 (i’m from kansai, i have to offer a good deal).  people keep telling me the prices are way too cheap.  i want them to be cheap enough that even little kids don’t have to worry about the cost if they find an image of mine they want to take home.

this year i’ve already had a lot of people coming up to me who know me from somewhere — my blog readers, people who remember me from previous shows in saskatoon, and even some asian girls who saw my drawings in the hong kong fashion magazine, milk.

a couple people asked for my autograph.  i double-checked to make sure they weren’t out of their minds.

i got a few negative reactions — people saying ‘urrghh’, or ‘creepy’ — but not as many as i was expecting.  one older woman did sniff at me with a disapproving face, which i was glad to see.  i don’t know why, but those negative comments don’t hurt me anymore.  i kind of enjoy them.  a couple of harsh comments go a long way to motivate me to draw more.

i ran into some of the local artists as well — artist kris moffatt, poet taylor leedahl who is representing local book company jackpine press, artist carole epp, and young artist michael.  i’m hoping to meet the artist kristin bjornerud who will be back in saskatoon for the summer from hamilton.

if you’re in saskatoon, come and see me on the street at the fringe festival!  you can say whatever you want, and you don’t have to pretend to be nice.  i’ll be happy to see you anyway.

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10 thoughts on “back on the street at the fringe festival”

  1. “a couple of harsh comments go a long way to motivate me to draw more.”

    YOU SUCK!!

    …nah just joking.

    anyone selling drawings of “creepy” cyborgs with flesh peeling back at a street festival then pricing them to sell to kids is pretty much the coolest person ever.

    people need to relax and grab a sense of humor.

    hope it was a success.
    love the new stuff yuka.

  2. I would ask for your autograph too, if I ever had the chance to meet you!
    And seriously, $10 prints? I wish you offered that online, ’cause I’ll be all over that. I’m dying to put some good art up on my walls to show my five-month-old!

  3. I met you on the street today and asked for your card, if you remember, I had the grey head band, black and white shirt. I wanted to stay longer to watch you draw, please put up your finished doodles for us!!

    I’ll come back (I hope) and see you again.

  4. Hello Yuka! おはよう/こんにちは/こんばんは!

    I met you tonight, and I bought 2 prints. I was with my friend, Duncan.

    I really like your artwork. It’s really nice. I’m glad I got to see it.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. selfpartwo::
    ahaha! that’s more like it. bring it on :)

    it’d be super-awesome if my drawings become part of your son’s childhood memory…

    i remember you, jessica. it was very nice to meet you and thank you for your passionate comment on my drawings.

  6. Hi Yuka,
    I met you yesterday with my fiance who is also japanese.
    Thank you very much for the print and postcards! They are fantastic. I was quite happy to see you there as I’ve seen your work around and have always wanted a peice or 2.
    I hope to make it to your mendal show in September, and thank you for signing my print.
    Best of luck to you and your family.

    – Sam.

  7. wait a minute… where is the thunder storm!?
    once again i was tricked by the weather forecast…

    hello vicki:
    it looks like we were on line around the same time last night :)
    it was very nice to see you at the fringe and talk with you in japanese!

    it was very nice to meet you too! i was very touched by how you were looking at my drawings so closely. thanks a lot. please say hi to kana-san.

  8. Ah! So jealous! All these people got to meet you! One day. I’m glad it all went well. :D

    Have a great day!

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