my favorite neckless

this drawing is called ‘my favorite neckless’.  i’m showing this drawing at hosfelt gallery in san francisco.  i’m taking part in a group show titled “vocabularies of metaphor — more stories“, all works on paper by fifteen international artists.  the show will run from september 6th to october 18th .   if you’re around in san francisco, please do take time to visit the gallery and enjoy the show.

about the show (by the owner/curator todd hosfelt)

it’s an exhibition of works on paper by fifteen international artists exploring narrative through symbols.  i’m interested in visual languages that are highly personal and lyrical.  the “stories” are also original to the artists and open to interpretation.

the artists’ choice of exploring the intimacy of drawing/painting on paper (and my choice, as the curator) is about giving the viewer a voyeuristic glimpse into private moments.  i’m exhibiting between two and six pieces by each artist to give the viewer the opportunity to observe mutating idioms and to decipher the lexicons of each.    while the show didn’t start to be about work by women, almost all of it is.    i’m including amy cutler, fay ku, shahzia sikander, ruth marten, liliana porter, yuka yamaguchi, yelena yemchuk, baseerah khan, rob matthews, henry darger, sara stites, charlotte schultz, rachell sumpter, crystal liu and seonna hong.

todd hosfelt will be writing about the artists and their works in the show on his blog.  here’s what he wrote about my drawing, ‘my favorite neckless’:

i love yuka yamaguchi’s work.    it’s what frieda khalo would be making if she were alive and japanese.    gorgeously rendered colored pencil (often self) portraits that are seemingly innocent and disarmingly brutal.

i’m reproducing “my favorite neckless” 2008 colored pencils on paper, 11×14 inches.     beyond the play on words, jay brought the phrase “turtles all the way down” to my attention.     the story, in this case, as told by stephen hawkings in “a brief history of time” goes like this:

a well-known scientist (some say it was bertrand russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy.  he described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. at the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: “what you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise” the scientist gave a superior smile before replying, “what is the tortoise standing on?” “you’re very clever, young man, very clever,” said the old lady. “but it’s turtles all the way down!”

the story is used to illustrate religious/mythic myopia, but can also be read as meaning that you can never get to the bottom of a difficult question.

and of course there seussian reference to yertle the turtle…

i didn’t know about the turtle book by dr. seuss, but now i’ve got to go buy that for elijah and me ;)

Author: yuka

can you see this?

9 thoughts on “my favorite neckless”

  1. Very interesting review. :)

    Dr. Seuss is great. I’ve got a big collection growing for Kyo.

    You need to get some art up in Boston! ^_^

  2. I found your art blog at school during my Creative Writting class, and I must say I absolutely love it. The concepts are so out there, original and disturbing in a lovely way. All with intriguing meanings. I couldnt stop reading your entries or looking at your artwork. I am proud to say I’ve been through all 80 something pages. Your entries are hilarious, and it’s almost as if I know you myself. [By the way, Elijah is one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever seen.]
    Which brings me to my reason of why I’ve decided to leave you a comment :)
    You should really go for an Art show in the upper east Tennessee area.
    I’d really like to meet you in person and see some of your artwork first hand. :D
    Im not exactly sure how the whole ‘getting booked for an art gallery show’ goes, or even if you attend those shows? maybe you just sumbit your artwork.. but it’d still be the climax of my life if you got booked for one near/around Bristol.

    Also, all your entries on Food [lol giant jello] have made me extremely hungry.
    So im going to make a bowl of potatoe bacon cheese soup. Mmmm
    Cant wait for your next entry! :D

    <3 Kalani.

    the photography on this site is astounding, very good :)

  3. ku::
    i’m reading ‘hop on pop’ 100 times a day… even though we have other dr. seuss’s.
    it’s a mystery.

    big thank you for reading my entire blog! i’m very very touched :)

    i’ll go to the upper east tennessee area when i finally have guts to pitch my work in person…(never!) but i’d love to go sightseeing and see you and maybe i quietly open my drawing books for an instant street art fair.

    thanks rui :)

    la donna::

  4. Kyo won’t sit still long enough for me to read to him. :( He just likes to grab and play with the books. Oh well, at least he is interested!

  5. there was a time like that too. i only got to read the first page or the very first few words of all the books. it sounded awfully surrealistic.

  6. Aww. It was my pleasure :D
    Ha, Yes. Tennessee has amazing scenery. You should definately go sightseeing sometime. I live not too far from Down-Town Bristol, which is full of antique buildings and busy passerbys. Sometimes in the summer there are a few artists out on the sidewalks near the coffee shop. Perhaps one day i’ll walk through there and say “Hey, thats Yuka!” :)

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