today’s elijah :: drawing with mama

elijah loves drawing.  he says ‘pensu~ (pencil), doroin (drawing)’ and climbs up on a chair by my drawing table. he says ‘sit!’ as he sits.  now he is ready to do some drawing.

after drawing some snakes, wires, spaghetti and hair, he usually grabs my hand asking me to draw.

but today, he is going to draw on his own.  what are you drawing, elijah?

his friend, panda-san!

(photos from september, before i gave him an awful haircut)

Author: yuka

can you see this?

5 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: drawing with mama”

  1. Wow, Elijah is doing so much! He is so grown up, lol. :D

    Do you do a lot with him to boost his learning? I’m always afraid I am not doing enough. Kyo is not much of a talker. More of a do-er.

  2. Ku:
    a do-er is good! i don’t know what i’m doing particularly, but i think he’s a parrot. he repeats the last word of everything i say. we do a lot of reading. i’m his TV.

    he’s my first teacher.

    thanks for dropping by. yeah, time passes so fast…

    thanks a lot :)

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