today’s elijah :: happy belated halloween!

last year, elijah was a penguin.  this year, he was ‘Super Dave Osborne’.  i made the outfit using paul’s old white T-shirt.

elijah doesn’t care for hats.  so he gave his friend, mr penguin the SD cap. i also made the super dave helmet, but he wouldn’t let me put it on.


proud to be Super Dave! (maybe).

Author: yuka

can you see this?

12 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: happy belated halloween!”

  1. OMG! He looks really cool. I cannot believe how much he looks like you both (from the photos you’ve posted).

    Where did you get that neat ride on toy?

    Awesome, very craft!

  2. Wow, he is so much bigger now!! And so cute as always.
    The outfit is so cute and well made!! I admire your skill in sawing.

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