CFCR art auction fundraiser

‘snail’s journey’ (8 x 10″)

i’m offering this drawing for the CFCR art auction fundraiser.  CFCR is saskatoon’s community radio station and this art auction is an important way people can support them.  other local artists are also taking part, so if you’re around in saskatoon today, please come out and show your support for CFCR.


“Artist for Alternative Radio”
community radio’s 6th annual art auction
CFCR Art Auction Fundraiser

7:00pm – viewing, silent auction, and reception
8:30pm – live auction

tickets: $25 per person ($15 tax receipt)

November 15, Saturday at Riverside Golf and Country Club
3180 Grasswood Road West
Saskatoon SK

Author: yuka

can you see this?