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the electric company

today, elijah turned 18 months old.  he hasn’t learned to sleep through the night yet.  i’m writing this post at 10:30pm and he’s already woken up once since 7:30 pm.   he called me saying ‘mama~, mama~’.  when i went into his bed room, he was just about to open the door (now he sleeps in his bed, not a crib.  so he can come out of his room anytime!).  he said to me “that way!  thay way! (pointing at the rocking chair).  SIT DOWN!  OPPAI~ (breasts)”.  i nursed him and asked him “bed?”.  he walked up on the bed and i sang to him and he fell asleep.

elijah has learned all the letters of the alphabet and most of the numbers (1 -9) in nice mixture of japanese and english.  he started to say some adjectives and phrases as well.

every night, before he falls asleep, he recites some of the words he knows.  it goes like this:

(elijah)”acchi [that], kocchi [this], docchi [which]? dump truck, garbage truck, dump truck, garbage…  mail truck, ookii truck.  papa.  truck, big truck.  digger~ (with hand gesture).  mama~ dai~ [i love you] (gives me a hug).  utau~ utau [sing].  kon kon, OKAY~! [then i sing ‘yuki ya konko’].  are?  are? naine~ [hm? hmm?  there isn’t…].  atta! [i found it!] panda!  sleeping…  blanket, blanket (he covers panda with a blanket).  sheeee…..  wawa [water], hoshii, hoshii [want].  ageru~ [give].  that way, that way…  kitchen.  bye bye~!”

(me) “do you want me to go?  okay, i’ll be in the kitchen. daijyobu [it’ll be okay].  i’ll be back and check on you later. (all in japanese)”.

(elijah)”daijyo-bu.  bye bye”

(me)”oyasumi [good night].”

(elijah) “o,ya,su~mi”

(me) “shimeruyo [i’ll close the door.]”

(ellijah)”shimeruyo, bye bye”

[i close the door]

(elijah) GYA~~~~~~ (crying…)

[i come back to his room]

(elijah) “star~star~…twinkle, OKAY~! (then i sing ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ in english).  “tokei [clock], OKAY! (then i sing ‘my grandfather’s clock’ in japanese).  kira kira, OKAY! (then i sing ‘twinkle~’ in japanese)”.

a few more songs later, he falls asleep…

C is for Calm down, elijah.

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  1. WOW. You really are his t.v. he knows so many words. What made you change him into a big boy bed?

    Look at how grown up he is.

    Kyo is only mouthing Japanese. He is so shy with his words. He says them so softly. He almost has nemasu down.

    This is all so wonderful. I love watching yours grow up as much as I do mine. ^-^

  2. green is the most delicious crayon . . .but purple is the best pastel

    Ellis wishes to add:

    Donguri korokoro donburiko
    O-ike ni hamatte saa taihen
    Dojou ga detekite konnichi wa
    Botchan issho ni asobimashou
    Donguri korokoro yorokonde
    Shibaraku issho ni asonda ga
    Yappari o-yama ga koishii to
    Naite wa dojou wo komaraseta

  3. kyuu-to!!! that’s a lot of words for a little boy! Go Elijah! Jake just started talking this month – it’s adorable. He watches a lot of NHK kid’s tv (not so interested in Sesame street yet), so I’m thinking he’ll pick up some Japanese maybe…J isn’t even close to sleeping thru either (he’s 13 months). We all sleep in the floor so now he wakes up cries, and shuffles in his sleeping bag to the fusuma and opens it up…..

  4. ku:
    i think it was when he was 15 months old or so. he lifted his leg over the railing. if he was standing on a blanket, i’m pretty sure that he was able to go over it.
    i didn’t want to find him flatten on the floor, so we changed it to a bed.

    elijah is a true vegetarian.

    how’s ellis enjoying japanese school?
    nihongo tanoshii?

    yeah, they really move around when they are sleeping, don’t they?
    we sleep together as well and elijah always kicks papa’s face.

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