panda backpack for elijah

 panda backpack

this is one of the christmas presents i made for elijah.  it’s a panda backpack.  elijah really likes the pandas we’ve bought him.  he has three panda cuddly toys from ikea.  he really looks up to them, he’ll follow whatever they’re doing.  when his panda sits down on a chair without making a fuss, so does elijah.  when his panda eats quietly takes a few bites of supper, so does elijah.  so pandas are very helpful for elijah’s mama.

happy elijah with happy panda


elijah is happy when his pandas are happy.

sad elijah with sad panda

and he feels sad when they are sad.

i don’t know if he can really use this as a backpack, since it’s made out of felt.  but that’s okay, it’s just another useless toy from his mama.

panda backpack (back)

panda backpack (abdominal incision)
(abdominal incision/zipper)

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “panda backpack for elijah”

  1. Well Elijah certainly is a lucky boy! Pandas are my favorite too.

    I like how his backpack’s belly unzips.

    I’m still crocheting Kyo a scarf for Christmas… so behind this year. :P

  2. how did kyo like your crochet scarf?
    i gave elijah a scarf on the christmas day. he grabbed it briefly and threw it away like trash and headed for the dancing elmo… but i’m making him wear it every time we go out since then. haha!

  3. He liked it. He’s a funny boy, he likes to put on things. Hats, clothes, necklaces. So I wrapped him in it and he left it on for the most part. Just long enough for me to take some photos.

    Kyo has one of those Elmos too! He loves Elmo, his whole face lights up when he sees him. He’ll run from the other room just to see him. I’m getting jealous, lol. jk!

    I do the same. I want to make him a Doraemon hat, sort of like those Hello Kitty hats I see every so often, and mittens to go with it since his scarf is several shades of blue. I should of made an Elmo one. At least he knows who Elmo is!

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