1,2,3,4, counting with feist

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  1. Ku’s avatar

    I really like Feist. How did Elijah like this? Is he a Sesame street boy?

  2. allison’s avatar

    This saved us from tantrum escalation. Thank you! Ezra, Abby and I love it.

  3. yuka’s avatar

    ku ::
    elijah now knows sesame street characters since they were on pampers diapers. we gave him (us) 70s sesame street dvd for christmas. i’m not sure if the oldness is making sense to him yet. he always asks me to change to ‘shimajiro’ dvd. do you know ‘shimajiro’?

    ‘tantrum escalation’ — mmm, that sounds very familiar. glad that this song helped to stop it. don’t you wish sometimes that we could detach our ears briefly? i do.

  4. Ku’s avatar

    Kyo has those same diapers, I always ask him to point to Elmo. Kyo might have a speech issue though, we are going to see the dr. on the 3rd (Feb). I am hopeful that it is just him going at his own pace. It’s why I was asking so many questions about how you interact with Elijah. I’m not worried but the dr. says I should come in anyway.

    Shimajiro. The one about the tiger who learns how to use the potty? Lol. Makes me laugh.

    I don’t have it on dvd but I have watched on youtube with Kyo. He always tries to touch him.

  5. Jackie’s avatar

    Very cute! It figures Feist was on there, they have a song that involves counting to four, that’s perfect for Sesame Street!


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