5 thoughts on “art recipe 1 :: me and a pig in my hair”

  1. I haven’t seen this side to your art before. It seems lighter, I don’t know how to describe and I love the pig.

  2. Ooo! This is fantastic! Your blog hit the spot for me. My friend, ATTJTLAC, posted a link to your site to encourage us all to explore.
    Thank you for the stories and sites. The pea pod is a wonderful touch.

  3. ku::
    it’s been awhile since i drew anything other than drawings for elijah. so maybe something changed? i’m not sure. you tell me~

    thanks for visiting my site. i’m so glad that you like my blog!
    see you again.

  4. Your other work seemed more dark and whimsical versus light and child like. I know that as an artist, you typical draw yourself but you can see a distinct amount of Elijah in your work. Which makes it seem more innocent and that changes the mood of your drawings.

    It like seeing the diversity. It’s still you, just a new phase of you! :)

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