bus stop: avant-garde animation from sesame street

this is elijah’s favorite video at the moment. he asks ‘motto! (more)’ even before it ends. we end up watching again and again. when i finally stop the video, he sheds actual tears and says ‘mata miru~! (watch again!)’. tough luck. ‘mata’ comes tomorrow.

elijah likes this video so much but i don’t want to show it too often. so i sing the short version of the melody to him and say ‘bus stop’ in a dark and low voice. he asks me to sing it again and again so i sing it to him again and again.

elijah loves watching the buses go past our window every day. i take him on bus rides from time to time, mostly just for fun. he is so happy and enthusiastic waiting for the bus even when it’s minus 25. he goes ‘basu, mada kana? (bus, not yet)… ah~!!! kita kita kita kita! (here it comes! comes comes comes!).”  if a school bus drives by he says ‘icchatta… (it’s gone…).’  when a tow truck drives past he says ‘oh~!!! TOW TRUCK!’.

minus 25 feels like plus 25.

Author: yuka

can you see this?