4 thoughts on “art recipe 4 :: gerbera daisy in my hair”

  1. I recently discovered this website, and plastiquemonkey has become my favourite art blog to follow. You’ve inspired me to work with colour pencil.
    Oh how thoughts, little things you encounter in a day materialize as pieces of your mind!:) Mata-ne!

  2. konnichiwa, mika chan.
    thank you for visiting my blog. i went on yours too. you’ve lived in kingston! i lived there for four years until 2005. and we share out last name and passion for drawing! — small world… :)

  3. Yes, very small world full of funny coincidences! Even looked at the pieces in your gallery here that were shown at the Goat! Miss the place.

  4. i remember talking to two japanese girls sitting by the wall where i displayed my construction paper. you are not one of the girls, aren’t you??

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