today’s elijah :: happy setsubun 2009

oni panda

three years ago on setsubun day (february 3rd), i debuted as an oni for the first time.  this year, panda-san volunteered to become oni!  initially i tried to put the plastic oni mask onto elijah — silly me.  elijah said a definite “no!” and threw the mask away like trash, running out of the room laughing with victory.  i grabbed him and tried again but he went limp and slipped through my arms.  


i made some maki-sushi with tofu and vegetables.  elijah skillfully peeled off the nori and ate the rice and tofu.  you’re supposed to eat as many roasted soybeans as your age but they were too crunchy for him.  so i made cooked soybeans instead for easy digestion.  


“who is this man anyway?”


“ah~, panda-san!”


happy setsubun!

Author: yuka

can you see this?

6 thoughts on “today’s elijah :: happy setsubun 2009”

  1. Hi, it’s late here. Thought I’d stop by and see some cute pics of Elijah before bed. I’m in Hyogo. Got lost yesterday, haha! I’ve never been here before, everyone is so nice.:D

    I love Elijah’s face in the second to last pic. Take care Panda-oni san, that trickster! Hehe

  2. ku::
    oh, you are in japan! i hear it’s been super hot there — spring already. hope you have a nice stay or did you move there?

    haha. yeah, i should draw a oni pantsu!

  3. Just visiting right now. My husband is going to chef’s conferences. Definately, although for a couple of the days the morning was really cold. We are staying with a friend who doesn’t have much in terms of heating, lol.

  4. yeah, winter in japan feels much colder than winter here in saskatoon. i used to hate waking up in the middle of night to walk down the cold hallway to get to the bathroom… and the bathroom is even colder! my parents now have a toilet that warms the seat. it always give me a very weird sensation…

  5. In Boston, the biting cold winters are my biggest issue. I don’t mind snow at all though.

    It was really cold and cold rainy/windy. We were in Hyogo and we made our way around Osaka and Kobe.

    I have to say the people are incredibly friendly. It felt more comfortable. Met the Obaasan of Osaka too!

    I wish I had a toilet with a warm seat. My house is terrible at keeping warmth in because it so old. lol.

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