7 thoughts on “bad hairday”

  1. I love it! My favourite has to be the pig, who looks so calm, just like it belongs. Oh yes, and Pat is awesome too. It’s from the page where he wants to sit on the cactus, isn’t it?

  2. I concur w/ Kimberly. I think I wear that face everyday, haha. I must say, you’ve done Dr. Suess proud though! :D

  3. dawn::
    thanks! i’m happy how the pig turned out too. this was my first time to draw a pig and the first time always turns pretty good. the challenge is to draw a pig the second time…


    ye~s. there is always a heavy tone echoing under all my baby talk, it seems…

    haha :D these are things that i often use as a reference nowadays…

    i think i’m living my second childhood with elijah in an english way. some of Dr.Suess’s sentences are so muzukashii yo!
    “you never yet met a pet, i bet, as wet as they let this wet pet get.”!

  4. See, I want to experience Japan through my son’s eyes. I just like that we will grow up bilingual, maybe even trilingual if I can catch his interest in other languages.

    Ah, yeah, I could totally see how it would be difficult. I find myself fumbling over words when reading to Kyo, lol. Then I just make up my own rhyme.

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