making my will

paul and i visited a lawyer the other day to make our will made. we are now officially responsible parents.
we wanted to make sure elijah is protected just in case something happens to us, like death.

the meeting was very casual. our lawyer kept notes as we discussed our agenda. he gave us some scenarios:

A: we both perish.
B: one of us perishes
C: we both kind of perish, but barely alive, like brain dead.
D: one of us kind of perish, but barely alive, like brain dead
E: we, including elijah, perish

as we talked about it, i felt so sad that we all are going to die somehow, someday. i think about death a lot, but planning realistically what should happen afterwards was another thing to me. as i overheard paul and the lawyer discussed issues far away at the other end of a small round table, i was thinking about how to avoid the situation where i’m the last one to survive — ‘maybe we might fall from an airplane after having engine trouble. paul and elijah could aim to fall on me, then they can survive. that might take a lot of martial arts practice, but it worth a try…’

then the lawyer’s loud voice brought me back to the discussion —
–“so, yuka! what would you like to do with your artwork?”
–“you mean after i die?”
–“paul and elijah die too?”
–“oh… ahm… burn them?”
(big laugh from both of them)

the lawyer was expecting me to say something like “keep them in our family” or “sell them all” or something like that. the lawyer said, ‘”now i want to take a look at your drawings!”

i was glad that they both laughed at me. i felt much better after that. once again, laughter is my favorite medicine.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “making my will”

  1. There are many things I could say about this…but I think most importantly I can relate…and I must have a really dark sense of humour or limited means of expression because I laughed so hard through that video.

  2. I know I posted this, I think I am having an off day, lol.

    I just wish I could get my husband to help at least make out a will. I’ve tried getting him to go to the lawyer but he just won’t do it. With all the traveling we do, I am always worried.

    The thought of leaving anyone behind, especially my son, burns a hole right through my heart.

    I’m the one usually cracking jokes in awkward situations. I’m terribly corny… >.>

  3. My husband and I enjoyed this post so much and we make no apologies for it. You’ve inspired us to do the same because we heard somewhere that we are going to die.

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