tales from an imaginary menagerie

koi nobore

my drawing ‘koi nobore’ has been exhibited at palo alto art center foundation in palo alto, calfornia since january.

i just found out about it.  the show ends on april 26th.  luckily, i’ll be staying SF on the 26th on the way to japan!   i’ll try to visit the centre to check out the show.

tales from an imaginary menagerie

palo alto art center
1313 newell road, palo alto, CA

t 650.329.2366
f 650.326.6165

press release here (PDF)

Author: yuka

can you see this?

4 thoughts on “tales from an imaginary menagerie”

  1. You have such wonderful attention to detail, Yuka! This koi is simply delicate and beautiful. I wish I had your eye.

  2. Hi Yuka,

    Let me know if you’ll have any time in San Francisco while you’re here – please email me with your email addy (I can’t remember it) and I’ll email you my cellphone number. Would love to grab a coffee with you!


  3. Ohh this picture is so beautiful
    I love how your illustration can take me to a far away place where not so innocent creatures roam the place
    ahh i sound so cheesy!

    anyway, fortunately i stumbled across your blog today by chance and was so so excited to find that you were the person that drew the picture of a girl with an elephant for a head – ive been obsessed with the drawing and wanted to find out the name of the artist since 2007 (or early 2008 not sure!)
    ive just spent half my day going through the whole website and it literally made my day~
    im in my first year of college in england and for our final major project, we had to research our favorite artist so ive picked you, i love how you see the world and the art you make are simply amazing :D!

    I’ll definitely be checking out this site more than i should ;_; ~

    Oh and your son is absolutely adorable by the way, me and my friend were just squealing at him in his white racing suit<3

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