the gregory brothers :: auto-tune the news no.3

elijah likes auto-tune the news so much that he asks for it saying, “‘o-to tune da nu~ eve-thin beta o-to tune~’, miru (watch)!” he dances to it. it’s super-adorable.

sometimes i don’t want him to watch it.  i want to go out and play instead.

so i say ::

ママ 「今日ね、ちょっと見れないの。コンピューターが寝てるから。」


イライジャ 「おねんねしてるの?」 (ちょっと寂しそう)


イライジャ 「ママ!大丈夫だよ。こっちのコンピュータ、起きてるよ!こっちで見れるよ!」

mama “we can’t watch it today, because the computer is sleeping.”

(pointing at the laptop in the living room)

elijah “(it’s) sleeping?” (looking sad)

(elijah runs to the office)

elijah “mama!  it’s okay!  this computer is awake!  (we) can watch it here!”

auto-tune the news will continue to echo in my head all day long…

posh boy, elijah

Author: yuka

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