summer moments

summer in saskatoon is short.  it was even shorter this year, but it was full of memorable moments.  i remember a few::

  • elijah climbed up the monkey bars and walked across, by himself.
  • i was driving our crashed car to the body shop when the hood opened all the way up and smashed back into the windshield.  no one was hurt.
  • i came home to our house repainted with the color we chose, wondering if i’d like it.
  • elijah looking sorry after he dropped our camera on the concrete patio and broke it.
  • elijah singing ‘people on the road can turn an LOL into a great big OMG‘ — over and over.
  • a young boy bought my handmade toy at the fringe festival.  he took off.  i looked at the money he put in my palm — two dollars short.
  • elijah found a ladybug on a sidewalk.  he was so happy that i was happy.  and he stepped on it.
  • i was saying ‘whee~’ as i playfully tipped the rocking chair back and forth.  elijah who was watching me by my side tamed me “mama, ‘whee~’ shinaide.  abunai kara.” (mama, don’t do ‘whee~’.  because it’s dangerous.)
  • elijah and i picked dandelions for papa late one afternoon.  he held them tight in his palm until he got home.  he gave them to papa.  papa gave him a big hug.
  • elijah ate a whole watermelon in one day, by himself.

i hope your summer is full of beautiful moments…

Author: yuka

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