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eric whitacre

choral superstar eric whitacre conducted the vocalessence chorus & ensemble singers, the st. olaf choir, and the 160-voice minnesota high school honors choir in a performance of “sleep”–part of the sold-out vocalessence “eric whitacre extravaganza” on march 22, 2009 at orchestra hall, minneapolis.

lying in his bed last night, elijah said:


“mama, close the door. make it dark. come in together (in the blanket)? elijah give you a hug. played a lot today. bought a digger, before that, ate soup. before that, took a bath. it was fun. how come we sleep. strange. don’t understand…”

oyasumi, elijah-kun.

Author: yuka

can you see this?

3 thoughts on “eric whitacre :: sleep”

  1. Wow, he speaks really good Japanese now! And it’s so cute!!
    I want to listen to him talk… are you recording his talking?
    By the time we see him next time, he will be an expert of the cute Japanese language :)
    We will try to get there next summer!

  2. Wow… I love how mysterious his final comments about sleep are… I don’t understand it either, Elijah! Happy holidays to all three of you.

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