January 2010

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from ‘my neighbour totoro’. elijah’s favorite characters are mei-chan and makkuro-kurosuke.

he goes ::
“makkuro-kurosuke, deteoide! denaito medama wo hojikuruzo~!”
(come out, makkuro-kurosuke. or we’ll spoon out your eye balls~!”)

you’d be able to hear him from another planet.

hisaishi joe

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sharing is important…

elijah is good at sharing. but when it comes to cherries, it’s a different story…

“elijah, can i have some of your cherries, please?”


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ame nimo makezu, by kenji miyazawa

not losing to the rain

not losing to the rain
not losing to the wind
not losing to the snow or to the heat of the summer
with a strong body
unfettered by desire
never losing temper
cultivating a quiet joy
every day four bowls of brown rice
miso and some vegetables to eat
in everything
count yourself last and put others before you
watching and listening, and understanding
and never forgetting
in the shade of the woods of the pines of the fields
being in a little thatched hut
if there is a sick child to the east
going and nursing over them
if there is a tired mother to the west
going and shouldering her sheaf of rice
if there is someone near death to the south
going and saying there’s no need to be afraid
if there is a quarrel or a suit to the north
telling them to leave off with such waste
when there’s drought, shedding tears of sympathy
when the summer’s cold, walk in concern and empathy
called a blockhead by everyone
without being praised
without being blamed
such a person
I want to become

(translation from wiki)

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elijah’s cheer didn’t reach to the canadian junior hockey team.

canada lost the gold medal to usa in the world junior hockey championship final last night. the final took place in saskatoon. it would’ve been exciting if they won…

meanwhile, ‘go canada, go!’ turned into elijah’s rock concert…

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happy halloween!

no. wait a minute. it’s a new year!
funny how fast time passes…

two years ago, elijah was a pouty penguin for halloween.  last year, he was super dave osborne.

this year, he went as the beatles. i got a pattern for a toddler suit. i improvised the collar to make it look like the beatles suits. i also made a yellow submarine plush toy since it is one of his fave songs. as with my usual tradition, i made it the night before the halloween.

elijah’s love for the beatles started in september when we bought the beatles rock band game.  we put elijah on our laps when we play the drums. he’d hold the sticks as we play.  elijah was hooked.


since then, elijah has been asking to play the beatles on stereo every single day, day and night.  at the breakfast table, he’d ask,

elijah (in japanese): “what should we listen to?”
mama: “anything is fine.”
elijah: “let’s play the beatles!” (with visible enthusiasm)

i borrowed a DVD of ‘the ed sullivan show’ from the library.  it includes not only the beatles, but the other musician and comedians from the original shows in 1964.  all elijah cared about was the beatles.  he wanted me jump ahead to the part where the beatles were playing.  one of the dvds was scratched and kept skipping during the part where the beatles play ‘ticket to ride’.  i was trying to fix it while elijah was screaming his head off and crying –

“mama, chigauyo!  beatles shite yo! (mama, it’s wrong!  do the beatles!)”


he’d strum the pink guitar that i found at value village and jump and sing ‘hard days night’ over and over again.  he’d tell me to sit behind him and play the drums, papa to play the bass/guitar, and his stuffed red dog to be george. he’d stand in front of the microphone stand and sing like john.

he’d say “mama, ringo shitene.  papa ha paul dayo” ['mama be ringo, OK?  papa is paul']

it helps papa’s name is also paul.


after having watched the movie, ‘hard days night’, he’d run around as the song starts — just like the beatles!

the outfit is not perfect — the front doesn’t close properly, i used black felt for the inner part of the sleeves since i ran out of the gray felt.  the pants were too short around the belly, so i attached black felt belt.


nonetheless, he seemed happy to look like the beatles.


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