hisaishi joe :: kaze no toori michi

from ‘my neighbour totoro’. elijah’s favorite characters are mei-chan and makkuro-kurosuke.

he goes ::
“makkuro-kurosuke, deteoide! denaito medama wo hojikuruzo~!”
(come out, makkuro-kurosuke. or we’ll spoon out your eye balls~!”)

you’d be able to hear him from another planet.

hisaishi joe

Author: yuka

can you see this?

2 thoughts on “hisaishi joe :: kaze no toori michi”

  1. I love My Neighbour Totoro. Kyo hasn’t gotten into it really but he likes pandas so ‘Panda Kopanda’ is what is on repeat besides Elmo, lol. I am a big Studio Ghibili/Miyazki fan. I collect the movies.

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