art recipe :: nature is calling 4

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  1. Kitty’s avatar

    love the detail. every time I see your work it makes want to draw again. what type of paper do you use?

  2. yuka’s avatar

    thanks kitty :) it makes me happy that you want to draw again!

    i use paper called ‘stonehenge paper’. depending on a company, it feels different even though they have the same name. it’s better to try out to see if you like it.

  3. Sadiqa’s avatar

    Wow, fantastic – the leaves are so vivid, and the turtle was a good surprise in the final frame.
    We’re really looking forward to seeing you!

  4. yuka’s avatar

    thank you, sadiqa :)
    we’re finished packing now and ready to go on the trip.
    we’re really looking forward to seeing you all too :)

  5. Helena’s avatar

    it’s looking really amazing!

  6. 888zl’s avatar


  7. Ben’s avatar

    Looking through your site, I love your illustrations and your beautiful imagination!

  8. cute stuff’s avatar

    That is really really impressive. Very nice detail. Great job.


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